Thursday, 12 November 2015

Promotional USBS - Printed USBS

Promotional USBS - Printed USBS

 You can never have too many USBS!

Offering a wide range of USBS, 
USB, Short for Universal Serial Bus

Usb Drives are great handy and useful to have around the home, office and workplace.
Store, protect and transfer your video's, music's, photo file's or work files.

Easy to use portable backup. Usb Drives are a great safe way to transport files between your home and office laptops / computers.
 Gives greater work flexibility computer to computer. 
Today Hugh brochures are sent loaded onto usb's & sent in the mail saving costs. 

We offer a Huge range of different USBS that can be Custom Printed for you.
Personalized with your Logo, text, phone number and details.
One colour or Full colour is available, 

Things to remember when ordering:-

*What Type of USB?
Rotate USB, Twisting base that reveals and retracts, Standard cap USB.

*How much memory / GB /  do you need? 
(Get a larger USB so you have room for more files, can be very useful)

*What Colour of USB? 
Lots of colours to choose from...

*Does the USB have a Land-yard do you want one? 
Some come with land yards and others don't, we can supply them.

*Quantity How many USBS do you need?  
We are a wholesale company offering discounts for bulk ordering.

*Your Logo / Text ? 
One colour, Full colour, Please beware of a USB size the size of the print reflects the product size. 

*Colours you may need to supply cmyk colours for your logo?

*Your Artwork / Logo / Text needs to be supplied?
Please send us the best quality artwork that you have, Vector is preferred, we offer a graphics service if required. 

We have a graphics team that will help you with the layout and design of personalizing your USBS, we offer mock ups / proofs before production, so you can see the layout and design before we start production.  Saving you time and money. 

*Need USBS Fast / Have an event soon need them quick? 
Dont worry......We offer Fast Turn around times, 
Let us know the Date you need them for! 

How to Order?
Simply Send all the above details with artwork attached and we will send you a fast and free quote with all details to make the order happen for your event. 
Email Click Here:- 

*USBS Pricing is changing all the time so is the components that make the USBS as technology is changing so is the products. Contact us for up to date pricing and up to date USB technology. 
We are a wholesale factory direct company, we offer Best prices, 
All About Affordable Logos and Service. 

Showing Quality and fine detail printing! 
 Need more Photos see our webpage for more or ask us for photos !

Please see our webpage for Pricing. All About Affordable Logos and Service.


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